A-PDF to Black/White

A-PDF to Black/White 1.1.0

PDF color to monochrome or grayscale image converter

A-PDF to Black/White allows users to convert color images on PDF files to monochrome or grayscale. Using A-PDF to Black/White considerably reduces the size of your PDF file, making sharing and printing easier.

The program automatically detects color images, converting them to three different black and white modes: Threshold, Ordered and Grayscale. A-PDF to Black/White features batch files and uses optimized algorithms to improve processing speed.

The program also include the A-PDF to Black/White Command Line console, which provides advanced users with the command line functionality. The program does not require Adobe Acrobat Pro; it works as a standalone program.

For users who need to convert images on PDF files to black and white and grayscale images automatically and quickly, the A-PDF to Black/White software is an option to consider.